Customer Relations Charter

Our Customer Relations Charter outlines the values and culture of the company and the way we conduct business with our customers.

Below is the Service and Conduct you can expect from Prohire Limited:

Respect: We are committed to fostering an environment in which every customer is dealt with in a spirit of trust, openness and respect. We respect diverse ideas, culture and ethnicity, rendering services in a fair and dignified manner.

Trust, Integrity and Honesty: We are committed to promoting the highest standards of honesty and integrity to ensure that all members of the business recognise the benefits of living and delivering these ideals.

Courteous: We will be courteous to all customers at all times, without exception.

Friendliness: We aim to deliver the highest quality of customer service through friendliness and individual pride.

Teamwork: We see this as key to promoting the spirit of enterprise, innovation, creativity and co-operation. Listening to the customer and respecting the customer whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Innovation: We aim to use innovation to support efficiencies for our customer, offering the capacity to handle the customers’ requirements with real time, accurate and comprehensive information.

Fairness: We will treat all customers fairly at all times, without exception.

Transparency: We commit to supply customers with factual, clear and concise reports, quotes and legal documents.

Personal Communication: We take pride in being on hand to our customers 24/7/365, where Prohire staff, Managers and Directors are only a phone call away.

Safety and Security: We pledge to never compromise on the safety and security of our customers.

Professional Service: All Prohire staff will be professional, consistent and ethical at all times.

Unparalleled Knowledge and Service: We are passionate about providing industry leading standards through the knowledge and experience of all Prohire employees.

Sustainability and Investment: We constantly create value for our customers through investment in employee training, systems and industry leading products and service standards.


“The entire Prohire team is passionate about providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction and delivering second-to-none support”