Pharmaceutical Delivery – Perfect, Safe and On Time

Handling pharma cargo is a specialism within a specialism.  All cold chain transport demands superlative service from bespoke vehicles to full maintenance support, rental back up and absolute standards in terms of presentation, uptime and time-critical delivery, but pharmaceutical product logistics are a world apart.  And it’s a world which Prohire understands fully.

Whether active or passive pharmaceutical shipments, from cosmetics to healthcare to hazardous materials, Prohire can provide the ultimate service moving product from manufacturer premises, or another central point, to the end user, or to an intermediate. The company understands the protocols, legislative requirements and critical nature of meticulous handling of consumables and equipment for medical use.  This is a world where any change in temperature or disturbance during transportation can be a serious threat and reliability and dependability of delivery are crucial when the products improve and saves lives.

Vehicles can be compartmentalised to allow for different temperatures and Prohire can handle high volumes, express or any bespoke option the customer outlines.  National Sales Manager, Maria D’Andrea added, “Our consultative approach to sales enables vehicle specifications and contract terms to suit the individual and our investment in rental ensures absolute back up for all eventualities.”


For further details about Prohire Limited’s services please contact: 08432 909 089 or email