Prohire Manufacturer & Technology Update

The era of electric refrigerated transport is here, and the first to embrace it will be the ones who get the most out of it. As partners with Thermo King, Marshalls believe that the Thermo King all-electric E-200 is the future. It is fit for small to medium vehicles, it delivers the kind of benefits that propel customers towards a brighter future and, most importantly, it complies with last-mile regulations.


Thermo King E-200: Key Benefits and Features;


  • All-electric solution that doesn’t drain your vehicle battery


  • Compatible with diesel and electric trucks and with fuel-saving features like start/stop


  • Effortless plug-and-play installation. No drive kit, no road compressor


  • Constant capacity at all times, independent of vehicle operation


  • Intelligent power management, optimising supply and demand of power


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