Prohire TRUCKTV: Mercedes Benz eVito Video

Mercedes Benz eVito, Mertrux Derby

The Mercedes eVito has arrived, is now on the market and we’ve been one of the first to take it out for a spin!

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Here are some highlights of the new Mercedes Benz eVito:

  • The eVito has a payload of approximately 900kg which we think is excellent.
  • It has a range of 93 miles, which is quite typical of what you will see with other manufacturers and similar models.
  • The eVito runs with 41KWH batteries but with only 35KWH available, but we see some stretch in that range which will be challenging in the harsher weather and bigger payloads
  • Great size vehicle with plenty of room for the driver and passengers.

DON’T FORGET… There is no noise when you start the engine as its electric!

For clarity the charging protocol is designed around 7KWH charging, so even if you had a larger, faster charger or 35KWH charge, the charging system puts you in a situation where its reduces the charge going into the vehicle to 7KWH, which on a 41KWH battery pack and the amount that you can actually use (35KWH), means it takes about 6 hours to charge. So, there is work to do on this, in our opinion.

NB: You need to be sure that 93 miles, minus 20% is enough for a day’s work, but your drivers will love this vehicle!

The vehicle drives very well, typical of a Mercedes, it has lots of power and looks great. You will certainly get a certain amount of smugness about being this green!

After an hour of driving around Derby, on a dry, but cold day, the battery held up better than we expected it to, which was a pleasant surprise.

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More information on the Mercedes eVito can be found on the ebrochure below:

Thank you to all the team at Mertrux in Derby for your kind hospitality and for allowing us to film Prohire TRUCKTV at your location today.

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