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An in-house team of specialists from a number of disciplines, offering advice and guidance in the new world of alternative fuels

ProGreen is the Prohire, in-house alternative fuels team, with the objective to be the most trusted provider for the end to end transition to alternative fuels of your commercial vehicle fleet.

With the recent announcement by the Government to end the sale of Petrol and Diesel engine powered cars and vans by 2030, along with the ever-increasing demand of businesses wanting to understand more about not just Electric vehicles but about the truly viable alternative fuels that are out there, it was vitally important for Prohire to put together a team of specialists.

The ProGreen Team specialises in a number of disciplines, offering support, advice and guidance in the new world of alternative fuels;

  • Infrastructure
  • Charging points
  • Telematics
  • Consultative advice on the most appropriate alternative fuel vehicles
  • Training
    • Driver training
    • Vehicle training
    • Charging and telematics training

ProGreen will provide advice on all key areas such as site power availability, charging infrastructure and will also conduct an Electric Vehicle Sustainability Appraisal to determine what routes lend themselves to the switch from ICE (internal combustion engine) to BEV (battery electric vehicles).

As part of our communications strategy, Prohire has its own YouTube channel called ‘Prohire TRUCKTVe’ where ProGreen showcases a whole host of available vehicles that you can take on contract hire today.

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Services provided by ProGreen extend well beyond the vehicle itself and includes intelligent charging solutions, vehicle deliveries on bespoke ProGreen vehicles, vehicle and charger handovers, on-site maintenance, and finally driver training. In short, the dream of full connectivity is here under one roof – Single Source Expertise.

Moving into the new world of alternative fuels is more than just ‘acquiring vehicles,’ there are many considerations to be made and actions to be taken before this can happen. ProGreen will support you through this entire transition.

The advantages of your business working with ProGreen:

  • Zero congestion charges within the ULEZ
  • Future proof fleets as major cities go for green
  • Take positive steps towards your environmental and corporate social responsibility
  • Reduce CO2 emissions, delivering improved air quality
  • The ability to take advantage of incentives and Government grants
  • Reduce operating costs and increase fleet uptime


Speak to a member of the ProGreen Team today by calling 08432 909 089 or email