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Our team of specialists will provide best advice surrounding vehicle specifications that are aligned to support your operation

Prohire can supply ambient or temperature-controlled vehicles, mixed vehicle fleets or a single highly specialised commercial vehicle and in all cases, it will provide a cost-effective fleet management solution that meets the needs of the operation in terms of payload, technical compliance, efficiency and reliability.

Prohire’s independence is one of its many strengths.  It is not restricted to any one specific vehicle manufacturer, preferring to assess customer operational needs and recommend the appropriate solution.

Our customers’ vehicles include:

  • Mobile technician vans with racking, livery and tracking
  • 15t GVW special compacting vehicles
  • 18t GVW mobile shredders
  • Mobile marketing exhibition vehicles
  • Mixed vehicle fleets including 3.5t, 7.5t, 18t, 26t rigids and 44t tractor units
  • Tractor and trailer combinations