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Technology is now providing a valuable interface between the vehicle, driver and fleet management team.

In partnership with telematics provider, GeoTab, Prohire offers an expandable telematics solution using ‘plug and play’ technology. The system provides remote fault diagnosis, tracking, accident detection and driver behaviour analysis.

Using the system, notification of issues such as low engine oil, brake failure warning and low adblue levels means that Prohire is alerted in advance of a potential critical failure who in turn can contact the driver to prevent a critical failure/undue downtime.

If an accident is detected via an in-built sensor, an email or desk top alert will be provided to the customer vehicle fleet manager and Prohire accident management team.

For temperature controlled vehicles the system provides load compartment temperature monitoring with alerts in the event of below par equipment performance or failure.

All information is provided via a secure web-based portal using GPS reporting and either Google or Open Street mapping.

System expandability includes GPS tracking, driver behaviour and Geo fencing to protect against vehicle theft.